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The glossy look of hardwood and laminate floors depends a lot on its installation. No matter, how good the quality of the product is, if the installation is not done correctly it will not look good. This is why Hardwood Flooring Guys employs experienced installers, who can finish the process professionally. From start to finish, we have our eye to every detail, so that your floors last for years.

Here’s a brief overview of our installation process:

Hardwood Installation: Solid hardwood expands as per the weather conditions. Hence, we factor in the temperature when installing floors above or below grade of your house. Furthermore, we start placing each plank horizontally or vertically on the floor. After the entire floor is covered, we seal it with nail guns. Veneers can also added for extra lustre.

Laminate installation: Temperature and humidity can also affect laminate floors. Which is why we install a vapour barrier at the base before placing the laminate flooring onto the surface. It keeps the flooring protected from adverse weather conditions and perfect for use in the basement of a house.

Engineered Floors Installation: This is what we specialize in and it’s our signature product. Our engineered floors are resistant to humidity and moisture, hence it can be installed anywhere.

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