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Maintenance Tips

Installing hardwood and laminate floors has become a popular trend , but without proper maintenance, it will lose the shine it once had. It does not require an intense maintenance process, but more general cleaning and be careful not to scratch the floors. Just make sure that there is no fine dirt, gravel and soil on the floor as that can scratch the floors. We have some extra tips to share with you about maintenance tips and tricks:

  1. Household cleaning products is a big “No-No”- Avoid using these products as they have harsh chemicals. The best idea is to use a product which is specifically designed for hardwood floors.
  2. Avoid using water: Water ruins the veneer finish of the flooring. You can dampen a cloth to wipe away the spills or any leftovers on the floors, but mopping it with water will definitely damage your hardwood floors permanently.
  3. Avoid dragging furniture: Dragging furniture on hardwood and laminate floors will leave a permanent scratch on it.
  4. Regular vacuuming is highly recommended: Vacuum cleaning is ideal to keep away dirt and dust from the hardwood floors.

Also, avoid using ammonia or wax on the hardwood floors. But, if it seems too overwhelming, get in touch with us. Our experienced contractors will take professional care of your floors.